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About me

Welcome to my website, tsToniaChase.sex This website is primarily focused on tsTonia Chase the hooker and providing information that clients may need. Coming soon will be other sites focused on tsTonia Chase the porn actress and tsTonia Chase the literotica author. Everything you should need to decide to book a session should be available on this site. So peruse and I look forward to spending time with you.

Basic Stats

  • Age: 40 years old
  • Height: Just a hair under 6' flat footed
  • Weight: 195 and dropping steadily towards 160 (goal)
  • Breasts: According to Nordstrom bra fitter a full B cup
  • Status: MTF pre-op,2 years+ on hrt
  • Position: Total bottom and submissive with men/trans, with women can switch. Am bisexual

My daily routine has solidified into a habit that feeds my drive, my desire, my need to simply be a firm, rounded, well-built shemale sex machine. I crave and yearn for men to desire my body, to have my physical presentation be one of the hallmarks of my services. I exercise 4 days a week with light weights and run 3 days a week for cardio. I am working my ass off with a clear goal in mind. How did I survive before starting this journey to transform into the woman I am meant to be? A courtesan, a submissive, a harlot --- a physical playground for men, couples, and other trans girls to play upon?

I started on this journey late in life not knowing why I always felt, well odd. I was in my 30's before I really had a solo interaction with a man and that was simply sucking his cock. WIth my late wife (my hot wife, Mistress, Domme) sure I was a cuckold in play with her. Somehow looking back it seemed easier to suck a cock or even on the rare event get fucked for her. I did it for her and now, oh wow, now it is just for me. Boy is this all just for me ... and you! So if you are hesitating at my age I do make up for it with unbridled enthusiasm, raw desire, and an insatiable need.


To simply be a firm, rounded, well-built shemale sex machine.

Earn a living in the sex industry until I'm 50.

My goals are crystal clear and that is to be the best I can be to pleasure men. I believe I've always had this need and once I started hormones I knew I had be an escort. I have no desire for a relationship or even dating right now. I just want to have sex. As I transition I realize that more than anything I want to work in the sex industry and escorting was a good first step. Being submissive for so many years the one constant with any Mistress was the mantra "You are nothing. No thoughts form in that brain. You are property for men and they will fuck you bareback should THEY choose" So, to be brutally honest I provide bareback full service should the client want that and am honest and upfront about it. Lets face it - everybody is barebacking somebody. I've watched ts escorts that claim to never bareback do it several times in a night. With me you never have to worry as I am a straghtforward, no bullshit kind-of shemale.

Being filmed during sex is a real turn-on for me. The whole flow of recording the sex, watching it while I edit the film, and then pushing it out to the internet is incredibly arousing. Knowing the world can watch while maybe masturbating to my video turns me on everytime I think about it. My research showed xvideos.com had the best per click payout rate so they are hosting my videos to start with. Now technically Porn Star might be creative license on my part but having gotten paid amateur didn't sound right.

On January 23 my shemale Porn Star rankings were:

  • Amateur: #113 (-1 spots over previous month)
  • Channels: #130 (+107 spots over previou month)
  • Porn Stars: #310 (stayed the same)
tsTonia Xvideo channel

Anytime you would like to book a session and using my cam video the action I will take $30 off. That's my genre..the anonymous stranger or hooker client that videos tapes his cock raw breeding this whores slutty ass-cunt until he cant take it anymore floodibng it with a delicious bareback creampie. And with you holding the camera you control what's in the scene so unless you have your wife's name tattoo'd on your cock it could be fun *giggle*

The avid pursuit of hedonistic pleasures proves naughty can be oh so very, very good!
~ tsTonia Chase
Just really sexy lady bent over from side view


The following are my different types of sessions I offer and rates. My menu is full service and all-inclusive excluding deep throat and facefucking. I have a horrible gag reflex I am working on but for now those are not included in my menu. You will never get an upsell except for the rare case of travel and I am not a clock watcher. Incall or outcall my rates are noted below.


Fuck like porn stars

The Porn Star Experience (PSE) experience provides a degree of flexibility in that its all about the fucking.

$160 / hr


Own a whore

Sensual submission is what I've always been a part of in the bdsm scene. Nothing real hardcore. So consider this offering a bdsm lite foreplay that leads up to sex.

Min 2 hours $500

Role Play

Kinky scenarios

I love setting up role play scenarios. They can run the gamut from GFE to PSE to submission in nature. The anticipation can be quite arousing,

Min 2 hours $500

For my kinks and hard limits click the button.

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Client Reviews

Erotic Monkey client reviews have my overall satisfaction rating at 4 banana's out of 5 banana's. I believe that is pretty damn good. With that kind of positive commentary on my services you can count on 2 things:

  • I am motivated to work even harder to ensure you enjoy our time together.

  • The positive feedback was much needed and has made me hornier and more insatiable than ever!


Exactly like her pics. Extremely enthusiastic and really enjoys herself.
I will definitely see her again. Her enthusiasm was amazing as she just kept asking for more.

Full Review


Met her at hotel rather than residence. It is her in pictures and she actually looked better than pics, she's got terrible photos online, but she ain't that bad.Good time ....
Good time well worth it.
E.M. Review


First time seeing Tonia. I was looking for something new and different. Tonia didn't disappoint.
She was friendly and easy to talk with. When it was time to play, she gave me a solid BBBJ. I cum right into her mouth. It was a relaxing time with her.
E.M. Review


Since my last review of Tonia it was a pleasant srprise at the impact the hormones were having...her tits were a delight and she is looking quite good. She looks like her pictures. If anythig I think her enthusiastic attitude is even stronger now ...

E.M. Review


Following is a read-only public calendar to help make the process of scheduling as easy as possible. I strive to keep this current by posting time blocks of availability and when I am busy.